′′ TPLF doesn’t have a field that will lead the leadership of the better idea ′′ TPLF was a high leadership

Mr. Million Abreha said, ′′ the people of woyane has no field to talk about the leadership of Tigray (TPLF) has no better idea

′′ the youth of tigray should not be nostalgic by accepting the thinking that comes from one direction

Mr. Million Abreha has started the time of tplf with ezea, ′′ tplf has started to bring back a better idea to bring back a better idea

The Youth who can change the region and the country, and the youth who have a high place in the struggle have taken them out of the organization.

If Mr. Million killed them to leave the organization, the main organization has not been able to make a difference for ideas and the time is not interested to go with the change he wants.

As Mr. million descriptions, it is not a duty to walk in any political title-world thinking.

It has said that the political education that can solve differences in peaceful and peaceful situation has been strong.

It has been created by the organization to stay with the difference between the organization and the end.

A few groups of tigray people who are moving in the name of tplf are making freedom and freedom with other Ethiopian people.

The people of the region are trying to hate other brothers instead of solve the development and good administration.

The people of tigray have mentioned that they are in love and peace with all Ethiopian people, but most of the people have made a few tplf groups in doubt.

This young man said, ′′ he is going to destroy his heart more than the development of war

′′ religion and people are not the same, politics and people are not the same ′′ Mr. million tplf and tigray people should be given to them that they are different.

It has been revealed that TPLF is not a difference by the idea but by leading the people of Tigray and economic benefit.

′′ the former tplf’s high leadership has not been in bed when tplf is controlling the country, and the former tplf’s high leadership was looking for the change like other people.

If the people of tigray need change, they say if they are not going to return tplf to the right line, they can’t listen to the right line.

Prosperity and party for the people of tigray especially for the young people of Tigray, especially for the young people, they have a good chance to get his political teacher.

The people of Tigray especially the young people who come from one direction, have called war more than peace and development.

Mr. Millions of work responsibility for the former EPRDFpolitics sector office head, political parties representative of EPRDF, and the head of EPRDF’s Representative, and the head of the political party.

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