A medicine broadcast has been held for those who take medicine.

Addis Ababa: the Ethiopian medicine agency has announced the broadcast of medicine that is used to take medicine from three to six months to six months.

The Vice Director of the agency and distribution sector Vice Director and supply chain, Mr. Dufira Queen, especially for the new era newspaper, after it happened, the medicine that has been taken out of the outside. This is working so that the sick people who take medicine will not be able to share the lack of medicine. The medicine they need for a month ago was spread, but now they use it from three to six months.

There is a medicine that can be given. All the medicine is going on.

Mr. Dufira has said that the medicine that has been used for three months and six months has said that the agency is a way of the number of people who are giving medicine to the end. The medicine said that the medicine has been spread to the branches a month ago, and branches will spread to health station.

As Mr. Dufira saying, it is to prepare a guide for people who take care of the country and the country as a director. The Guide can’t stop medical services called important. First medicine supply

The chain can’t stop, the committee has agreed to solve the problems with the service.

The first program in the lead is a regular treatment for mothers, children, and children, and the other is also a lot of diseases, HIV, tib, meat, meat, meat, meat, blood pressure supply, sugar, blood pressure supply.

The Agency said that the agency is doing a job that can’t stop the supply with the corner office, they have marked the work that is going to be done with a regular health program. A group that follows the current situation has confirmed what level of collecting each week.

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