A new terror calculation for the bloodshed of the people of Amhara and Tigray!

It is too late for the terrorist terrorist TPLF to be branded a terrorist. The group’s conspiracy to weaken the nation has cost our people and our country dearly. They have done many things that weakened the country and endangered the country.

During the 27 years that this destructive force has been in power, it has committed the worst atrocities against the Ethiopian people. Violations: He has acted in the interest of the country. He also plundered the country’s resources with all the looting.

It is not uncommon for those who know the origins of the group and the course of history to know how dangerous it was to come to power, to stay in power, and even to return to power after being overthrown by popular struggle.

The conspiracy to destabilize the country by spreading narratives of dissent not only created mistrust and suspicion among the people but also cost the citizens dearly. It has caused many deaths, persecution, and identity crises.

The brutal plots of the people to overthrow the country and reverse the change that the entire nation has sacrificed, especially after the overthrow and exile of the people in Mekelle, have helped the entire nation to understand the true nature of the group. He showed the extent of his wickedness and cruelty.

His betrayal of the Tigrayan army, which has been waiting for years for the people of Tigray, and its alliance with the country’s historical enemies, as a bandit on a mission that endangers the country and the people, shows that the group is relentless in its greed for a greedy country.

After all, the people of Tigray are using the new narrative as a gateway to recovery from the defeat of a law enforcement campaign caused by arrogant arrogance.

He is committing inhumane acts by leading children, women, and even the elderly in conflict zones. He thus showed a lack of concern for his own interests.

Taking advantage of the time given to the people of Tigray as an opportunity, he is returning to his usual violent nature and making the area a center of the conflict. A new calculation of accounting is boasting about the people of Amhara and the government of Eritrea. He is harassing the people of Amhara and committing inhumane acts against Eritrean refugees in Tigray.

The law enforcement campaign has shifted its agenda from the agenda to asserting its sovereignty and has resorted to widespread propaganda to pretend to be the border issue of the Amhara and Tigray regions; The traditional divisive strategy has resurfaced.

Although the people of Tigray have suffered the most from the harassment of children, women, and the elderly, the main members of the group have been able to prolong their lives by doing so. They did not feel overwhelmed by the prospect of continuing to do so. They are still standing on innocent blood and corpses.

The people of Tigray have never conflicted with the people of Amhara. If the two peoples have a religion; In terms of cultural and geographical connections, they are seen as a symbol of long-standing neighborliness, friendship, and good relations. You are married: They were born: They share a common destiny.

From its inception, the terrorist TPLF has tried to use the opposition as a political strategy. He went to great lengths to gain political advantage by dividing the two peoples.

In particular, during the 27 years that the group has been in power, the group has inflicted heavy casualties on the people of Amhara. He has conspired not only with the people of Tigray but also with the people of the country.

Although they have not been as successful as they have been, the members of the group have worked hard to incite hatred and malice against the people of Amhara. They have worked tirelessly to create suspicion among the people.

The terrorist group, which has used the government-sponsored ceasefire to commit crimes and crimes against humanity, has been using the usual evil tactics to create animosity between the two peoples and gain political gain.

The end of the road is nothing more than the humiliation of the evil ways of the past, but the narrative of this argument must be carefully considered in light of the hatred that the group is trying to create between the two peoples!

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