Age Calculator / Face Scanner

If you know your Total Age how may Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minuts, Second etc.Age Calculator app calculate age by your given date of birth.


Age Recognition app, How old I am
Face scanner What age is a simulator of real age scanners. It’s just a prank for you and friends.

Add menber date of birth : Here you save your familly member date of birth. just use you familly member name and date of birth age calculator calculate here total age and save this date of birth.

How old do I look ? Determine your face age from photos using facial recognition. AgeBot can guess your age and gender. It can also find multiple faces in a picture and estimate the age for each face.
When you will take a picture of a person face you can start to train your device to identify that person just from her or his image using smart artificial intelligence to match and allows facial detection

1. Calculate your perfect age in years, months and days.
2. You can find out how many Month and days left for your next birthday.
3. Share your age with your friends, family etc.
4. Multiple date format.
5. calculate how much time you spend on earth in Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minuets & Seconds
6. Share Birthday and Invite friends to use the apps

Date Calculator
Age Calculator by Date of Birth you can also calculate the remaining days of your next upcoming birthday or any anniversary.