Deputy Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration

The 2nd round of the dam is the result of the diplomacy and unity of the citizens – Deputy Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration. July 14/2013 (EZA) the great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has said that the second round of water filling is the result of diplomacy and citizens unity of the Diredawa Administration. The deputy mayor of the watermelon has said that the unity of the government is the unity of the people living abroad.

The Dire Dawa Administration and its residents have announced that the dam will continue to support until the end. Mr. Ahmed has announced that the great renaissance dam has entered Dire Dawa to strengthen this support to continue strengthening this opportunity. To ensure the prosperity of Ethiopia and its people are still working hard to strengthen their unity more than ever. They have said that to stop the peace and development of the country by putting the country together and putting the country first. The second round of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has been flooded July 12/2013 It has been announced in the season.

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