Don’t use Nile water that is getting more income than fuel

don’t use the Nile water that will get more income than fuel, don’t use the Nile water that will be considered to stay in poverty in Addis Ababa University Water Engineer and renaissance dam.

Dr. Yilma has revealed a new era newspaper about the renaissance dam. Invites Ethiopia is trying to create her so that they don’t apply her rights to Nile water because they have light to stay in darkness.

We are building a renaissance dam, not only to get 60 hundred people light but also to save our economy and our people from poverty. But they always want to live in darkness and poverty for their people, and they have passed away from their country’s economy.

The doctor said that there is no electric power and development, there will be no job opportunity and development, service, industry, industrial needs to meet our people from poverty and poverty.

Egyptians in abay(Nile) water three million hectares development, they use Nile water to drink 100 million people, including ASWA dam and other three dams, including ASWAdam and other three dams, including the electric dam, including the electricity dam, including tourism and fish wealth development in Ethiopia. Even though a million hectare of land is possible to develop the land, it is small and electric power to build the renaissance dam, even though it has the ability to build the renaissance dam.

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