Elections competition will be held next week in the online Cheese Olympiad

The elections competition will be held next week in the online Cheese Olympiad Ethiopian Chess Federation announced that there will be a filter competition to elect competitors that represent Ethiopia on July 14/2013 (EZA) in Online Ches Olympiad. The second online chess federation which is prepared by the international chess olympiad on August 7, 2013, M to September 5, 2014, What is going on.

The federal office manager Mr. Seif Belayneh has announced that the national team will be held in two sectors to vote for Ethiopia. According to the boss, the filing will be distributed in Blitz and Rashid. Rashid from July 20 to 22, 2013 Also Blitz July 24 and 25 days 2013 E. What is going to happen. Mr. Seife has stated that the Chelsea game will last for 15 minutes and Blitz will end in five minutes. Registration time for contestants who want to participate in the filtering competition until July 19, 2013, What the hell is this. Mr. Seifu, who said that 300 athletes will be elected in the race, three and six competitors will be selected in the match.

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