Ethiopia and Eritrea relationship changing the Horn history path

For over two years, Ethiopia and Eritrea have proved to the whole world that they are forces of peace and development in the greater Horn of Africa. Both countries have been working tirelessly on recapturing the lost opportunities during the Ethio- Eritrea two-decade ‘No war No peace’ era.

Having amicably ended the long stalemate between the two countries, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afwerki have been exchange a number of state visits to one another’s country. Such visits have obviously deepened the Ethio- Eritrea ties in all arenas.

Now, President Isaias Afwerki is in a three- day working visit to Ethiopia and the two leaders would exchange views on how to consolidate the existing all-round cooperation between the two sisterly countries through revising the steps that have been taken so far to strengthen their ties. They would also discuss regional developments.

As history tells us, the people of these two countries have suffered enough resulting from thirty- year war and the two- year senseless border war.

Thanks to both countries’ leaders, Ethiopia and Eritrea have already stepped into a new era of friendship and cooperation. They have also practically showcased African solutions to African problems. This is because both sides have been relentlessly exerting joint efforts in resolving conflicts in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

Truly, Ethiopia and Eritrea have made great deeds in bringing about lasting peace across the Horn despite the non-stop futile attempts of external and internal destabilizing forces in the region.

For sure, these two friendly countries would together thwart all bottlenecks to peace and development and ensure prosperity to their fellow citizens sooner than later.

Indeed, the frequent meetings and visits of the two heads of state would further enhance the 2018 Ethio- Eritrea Peace and Friendship Agreement and expand cooperation in a wide range of fields aside from changing the course of history in the Horn of Africa.

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