Ethiopia vs Egypt

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a project associated with the wider economic implication to Ethiopia than it is to Egypt. This is mainly due to the little energy production capacity of the country— a situation that has significantly been affecting the provision of quality education and health services and whatnot.

The GERD is both about fulfilling basic services and also national pride. Half of the Ethiopian population is still living devoid of electric coverage whilst the rest suffers from recurrent power interruptions.

This simply explains why Ethiopians at home and abroad have been purchasing domestic bonds to support the flagship project regardless of their political orientations since the GERD’s inception.

Any further delay to complete the dam will incur Ethiopia a huge loss of revenue from hydropower sales to service the debts and will create public disappointment. On the other hand, research shows that the GERD is expected to reduce 86% of the siltation and sedimentation of dams in Sudan and Egypt. Moreover, the location of the GERD puts it in a better situation to save water that could have been lost to evaporation. The annual average loss of water to evaporation at Aswan High Dam from Lake Nasser is estimated to be 15 billion cubic meters.

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