Everything has Enough

He measured everything. It also leads to more honey. Instead of advancing peacefully, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Front (EPRDF) has dismantled the TPLF’s Jericho, which was built by the TPLF in March 2010. Beyond that, like Emperor Lebna Dengel, they whipped the earth 40 times and sent down war; Taking over the budget from the people of Tigray, training and arming more than 200,000 special forces and militias. When conducting illegal elections; Etc. The power of change and the people were very patient. He has also made more than 20 mediation efforts. On October 24, 2013, the TPLF, as usual, betrayed 80 percent of the Northern Army and its armed forces in a failed night attack, looting and plundering Ethiopia. Months later, he declared a separate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons, but the terrorist TPLF took advantage of the situation and launched a four-pronged offensive. He was angry with the Ethiopians like a baby. In one voice:

“The bull that is lying in the field,

They touched him and made him a beast. ” They swarmed to the north like bees. They say that the TPLF’s attack is not only against Amhara but also against Ethiopia. The TPLF’s attempt to portray the attack as the only people of Amhara was futile and, like Adwa, Karamara and Badme, reaffirmed its sovereignty and unity with its blood and bones.

When the TPLF ruled Ethiopia like iron for 27 years, it did not choose a tribe when it was organized and plundered. He was tortured, tortured, beaten, imprisoned, helped, and persecuted. Why not buy a flat tire? Why do you claim your rights? Do you object? Why don’t you accept your second citizenship? If I bought the country without a commander, I would not be able to identify myself. The poverty, the backwardness, the spectatorship, the unemployment, the hopelessness, the lack of vision, all of us without distinction. He is putting the yoke of oppression on all Ethiopians, not Amhara, Oromo, Somali, Sidama, etc. For 27 years, the political landscape has been closed to all of us, not to one another. An Ethiopian who was kidnapped and murdered while being a proud narrow-minded man was stripped of his nails in a dark house. An Ethiopian man inflicted horrific suffering on Ethiopians, not Tolosa Otoro. It is a story of yesterday that he was incarcerated in Maekelawi, Kality, Clinton, Shoa Robit, Zeway, and other places of torture.

That we may fall into debt, that we may be robbed of all that we have. Discrimination has kept us all out of poverty. It is indiscriminate that we turn our backs on debt. He donated more than 60,000 to his son, let alone another; The only thing left for the people of Tigray, who swore in his name and subjugated him, is another round of genocide and suffering. Today, the people of Tigray are not thirsty, they are not out of extreme poverty; From information and donations; From oppression and oppression and violence, Today, he is still donating the blood of dissatisfied children who have run to the TPLF. On the other hand, the terrorist regime of the TPLF and its network is destroying the world in luxury in Europe and the United States. He is educating his children in expensive schools and universities in these countries, while Tigrayan children are intoxicated with ash and set on fire to quell their arrogance.

The atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF against all Ethiopians for 27/30/47 years and all kinds of crimes will never be told or documented. Even a dozen or so small doses are not enough. However, they all happened to Ethiopians and Ethiopians. The beneficiaries are only the ruling dynasty and a few armies.

We have seen what happens to the people of Tigray if daily aid is delayed for a month. He did not hate Kumara because of the devastation of the Renaissance Dam, the mega-sugar, and fertilizer projects. It is an open secret that the differences between Oromo, Amhara, Sidama, Wolayita, Gurage, Silti, Afar, Isa, Guji, Gedi, etc. He shouted at the OLF during the transition, but when he grabbed the chair, he turned his eyes away from the Kurmanu, humiliated the army, and disarmed him, and licked his nose. He was torturing and imprisoning Oromo youths claiming that the terrorist was OLF, detonating a bomb, and setting off a bomb. He brutally killed Fana warriors, a symbol of the Oromo people. He did not commit all these heinous atrocities against the Oromo for the sake of the Amhara. When one party views religion as its historical enemy, its purpose is to provoke resentment among the Tigrayans, not because it supports an Oromo ethnic group or religion. For the terrorist TPLF, he has no friends other than the wealth he has used to gain power and plunder. It has no nationality, nationality, or ethnicity.

For the past 21 years, the heat of the day has been changing; A fox guarding a third of his life in a fox pit; Participate in the joys and sorrows of the people of Tigray; In the field of the seed, the weeds, the weeds, the weeds, and the locusts. While building a school and health facility for the children while reducing the ratio; The compassionate and mortal army of the victims of CVD 19, who are still helpless, has committed an unforgivable atrocity against the barbarian and Gugmangugu snake group.

The government has declared a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons and I have attacked Afar, Korem, Abergele (Wag Hmra), and Wolkait, but not Amhara. He is trying to confuse the conflict by saying that it is only a matter of Tigray and Amhara. However, the half-century history of betrayal and anti-Ethiopian history of this terrorist group is a joke to the Ethiopian people. The TPLF, which has been branded a terrorist, knows in its heart that attacking the Amhara and Afar regions, which are part of the federal government, is not a matter of one or two nations, but the federal government and Ethiopia. That is why the FDRE Defense Forces: Special forces of Oromia, Southern Somalia, Sidama, Afar, etc., rushed to save their country like a beehive. The 10 states and the two city administrations have reaffirmed their support.

The TPLF-EPRDF regime has been consolidating its conspiracy since the beginning of its armed struggle to stay in power and destroy Ethiopia. The existence of differences, our shadows, revenge, deceit, the imprisonment of history, the spread of deceit in institutions and structures makes it responsible for the current crisis. He still clings to this bid. Addis Ababa University Associate Professor and Ethiopian Senior Director of Education Institute, Ababaw Yirga; “The root of the problem is the federal system, which has been in power for 27 years, and the proliferation of ethnic political politicization,” he said in a paper titled “Ethnic Violence Challenging Ethiopian Universities.”

He did so not out of concern for Ethiopia’s tribes and nationalities, but because he was the only one to stay in power. According to a year-long secret revealed to many, such as the bombshell, The Constitution of the 87th! “Before its approval, the transitional government of President Meles Zenawi will head to Asmara to present the draft constitution to his god, Isaiah Afewerki. The god opened his mouth and looked at the dragon in amazement and amazement. ? “When he returned the draft, he was shocked. “If we do not do this, the TPLF will not be able to stay in power with a central government. “Rest in peace; The secret plot and purpose of the constitution were to protect the TPLF’s supremacy, not to benefit the tribes it swore and subjugated. Although we know that it is not a matter of disintegrating Ethiopia without the power and plundering of the TPLF, he is now boldly telling us that his goal is to disintegrate Ethiopia and has continued to attack Amhara and Afar to disintegrate the country. Ethiopians are like their brave fathers and mothers! They said.

May our country Ethiopia be honored and honored by its heroes and honest children forever! !!

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