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TBH, Hahu Beatz’s sound (and visuals) will be appreciated by those already familiar with the culture. His newest single “Zomawa” is a hit — with 6 million views and counting — however, it may not be for everyone. But once you get past the creepy clowns and unfamiliar sounds, you’ll find that it’s pretty damn catchy.

Coming from Mekele, Tigray, Hahu Beatz has been part of the Ethiopian rap scene for nearly a decade. Before rapping, Hahu actually went to college (like pretty much every Ethiopian kid is expected to do) and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Hawassa University.

Still, he decided to focus on music and originally began rapping in English. However, he soon discovered that young Ethiopians would rather listen to English-speaking rap from the U.S., and switched to Amharic instead. Before breaking through with his hit “Zomawa,” Hahu released other note-worthy singles such as “Yibelu” and “Demkalech Wstea.”

Selamawit Yohannes, Hahu Beatz – Zomawa
Hahu Beatz-ZILELEW

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