House approves Constitutional Council’s resolutions

The House of Federation (HoF) yesterday passed resolutions that enabled the continuation of federal and regional legislative and administrative bodies until post-COVID-19 power succession takes place through the election.

The resolutions presented to the House by the Council of the Constitutional Inquiry have green-lighted the House of Peoples Representatives, the House of Federation, regional councils, federal and regional executives to execute their functions amid election 2020 postponement

In its 2nd regular meeting, the House approved the constitutional interpretation of five articles – article 54(1), article 58(3),article 67(1), article 72(3), and article 93 of the Constitution with sweeping majority voting in favor, four voting against it, and one abstention as presented by the Council’s Constitutional Interpretation and Identity Affairs Standing Committee.

FDRE Council of Constitutional Inquiry upon the request of the HPR to interpret the Constitution’s articles came up with resolutions, unanimously proposing the continuation of the tenure of the House of Peoples Representatives, the House of Federation, and regional councils, federal and regional executives that the House passed its final decision.

The interpretation takes into consideration the threat of COVID-19 and emergency law that it induced as well as the fundamental principles, objectives and goals of the Constitution, a statement of the House said.

Per the ratified resolution, the next election would take place in a period ranging from nine months to one year starting from the date the pandemic is declared to have avoided by the House of People’s Representatives on account of confirmation from pertinent regional, international health organizations, the scientific community, the Ministry of Health, the Ethiopian Public Health Institution.

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