Let’s save our country and continue our journey of prosperity!

Ethiopia – the most civilized country in the world today Not only architectural knowledge such as Axum and Lalibela but also It is a country that has composed an international anthem. Today, it is one of the few countries in the world that claims to be a democracy. Not denied rights to women, children, and others; Instead, it is a country that has made history with great respect and place.

The Ethiopians who have this honor have also worked together to achieve this and have achieved results. You fought: They fought and won, They have lifted their banners; They are also an example of the dignity of the body, which is surrounded by black fights.

But in doing so, not everything was straightforward and a perfect journey. When one is disturbed by the bandages that rise within them, At other times, they were tempted by foreign invaders. However, Ethiopia and Ethiopians have overcome their problems in these chapters of history; They defeated their enemies, You saved Ethiopia; They have elevated their unity.

But they are still facing the same test as before, The terrorist group, the TPLF, which has gone from government to terrorism, is on the verge of destroying its unity and destroying Ethiopia. The terrorist group collapsed on October 24, 2013, the day after the attack on the Defense Forces. Following a separate ceasefire by the government for the sake of public peace and humanity; In domestic and international listings: It is also struggling to recover from the soil that has fallen with the support of those working to weaken Ethiopia.

This terrorist group has been hostile to the people since its inception. It was not about the nation and the people, but about the survival of the group. To achieve this goal during his tenure, the people should focus on differences rather than unity; To be confined to territory rather than a country; He has worked extensively to make them focus on me rather than on us. Complete isolation of people; Though he cannot destroy the land, The seed of destruction that he sowed has been challenged by the nation.

Today, he is working day and night through his agents to achieve his dream of disintegrating the country by disintegrating Ethiopians by spreading this divisive poison to the people. He is proving his inhumanity by sending children, the elderly, the disabled, and even priests to war. The guerrillas, both at home and abroad, encouraged the pope to do the same. In contrast, the theater has been seen to exert pressure on the Ethiopian people and government.

“Trudy is right,” he said, adding that the government will have to take all possible measures to curb the activities of the terrorist group. The people, along with the government, are reaffirming their commitment to eradicate this terrorist group and save the country. The Ethiopian people have repeatedly stated that the terrorist TPLF is planning to attack only one region in the name of “we will negotiate”. He said the issue is with the Amhara region and the people, not with the rest of the Ethiopian people and the people. He foiled a plot to make the people think that it was a region and not the Ethiopians. Ethiopians are saying that the terrorist group is not a threat to the region and the people, but a threat to the very existence of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

This is an important task: It is the principle of the Ethiopians for centuries to stand together for the common enemy. Creating the capacity to defend against a terrorist enemy that poses a threat to the country and its people and to prevent it from becoming a threat to the country and its people is also a sign of cooperation and unity to sustain the country’s existence. Therefore, this is a feeling expressed in one thought and spirit: He must maintain the momentum and save the country and raise its unity to a higher level.

In this regard, it is well known that Ethiopians are crossing the problems of this age of unity and heights in the same spirit; It must not be forgotten that the evil seed that this terrorist group has sown in the people must be uprooted.

Therefore, the Ethiopian people are united to save the country; In addition to physically destroying the terrorist group, The group must eradicate the divisive seed from its mind and heart. In doing so, the struggle that has just begun is in the hands of the terrorist group. He must save the country by thinking, and he must rise above the tower of unity!

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