“Like a shield for a boy, The End of Cruelty ”

He said goodbye to the TPLF’s brutality, brutality and brutality. The pervasiveness of this group of evils, which we hear and see daily, is so severe that it is difficult to hear or to think calmly.

The lies and fabrications of a gun-wielding man and the scorn of his drunken personality are drowning in the blood of thousands of innocent people. Not only that, but it has also intensified its conspiracy against our national sovereignty, making it a nightmare for us.

The cruelty of this terrorist group is so pervasive that it is hard to believe that as a human being, the atrocities he commits every morning are a reflection of his identity. Even the so-called “ours” international media outlets have been publicly denouncing the group’s atrocities in the recent open war against the people of the Amhara region.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child have made it clear that recruiting children for war and deploying them to serve in the armed forces constitutes war crimes. Many UN member states, including our country, are working not only to ratify the agreement with their signatures but also to ensure that young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to fight in the war zone.

The revised Geneva Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions, also described as “child soldiers,” not only because minors under the age of 15 must be in the middle of a battlefield, but also on the battlefield. He described the members of the army as “soldiers” who, like those who carry weapons, would be called “soldiers.” If it did, it would be considered a war crime.

The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of Children (1999) also urges young people under the age of 18 not to be recruited into civil strife or to engage in civil war.

Countries such as the United States, which have come to consider themselves a “source of human rights” and are not healthy in our country, have repeatedly contradicted the reality of children’s rights not only in their media outlets but also in their important political conferences. For example, with the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child on November 20, 1989, which was ratified by 194 countries in 194 countries, I have not yet signed the Somalia Convention on the Rights of the Child. One of the first countries is the United States. In 2014, a study entitled “Child labor in US tobacco fields” revealed the reason for her cover-up as a covert agenda.

As a leading advocate for democracy and human rights, she has convinced herself and the rest of the world by force or persuasion, “Believe me,” with her muscle, dollar donations, and lobbying for “Lazarus after me” to address her domestic problems if she does not intervene in other countries. We all know that she is in trouble.

It is a clear indication of how ruthless the TPLF is in carrying a 10-kilogram, fully automatic, AK-47 assault rifle and other ammunition, carrying the poor children in battle. The fact that such children, who traditionally carry their school supplies in front of them as a shield, underscores the futility of their purpose and the height of their cruelty.

Instead of helping to stop this heinous act of terrorism, some countries are blinding their eyes to the truth, creating and exchanging agendas, such as the Renaissance Dam, the implementation of human rights, and so on. They have become “a fiery furnace” for us.

Instead of unanimously declaring that the young people of Tigray are being recruited to serve as a shield for this terrorist group, we are forced to ask, “What could be worse than this?” We also argue that these young men could be confronted with a well-trained and well-trained army.

Unfortunately, one of the acts of terrorism by the leaders of the terrorist group is cruelty to the children of the poor people of Tigray while educating their children in Europe and North America. The fact that the people of Tigray are confused and confused by some of his so-called “activists” is another mystery.

We think it would be better for the people to stop and use their time wisely, as the hidden motives of some unscrupulous journalists in the international media and the bloodthirsty mercenaries who are “fanning the flames” and pretending to be friends of the people of Tigray. . It is not hard to imagine what the outcome might be as a result of children having little or no knowledge of what they are doing.

The issue is not limited to child shields, but we know that the elderly, under the guise of religion, should stop and consult with their consciences and consciences about the unjust sacrifices they have made in the face of the war.

The terrorist TPLF has repeatedly proved that it is hostile not only to the entire Ethiopian people but also to the people of Tigray who claim to stand by it. It has been proven time and time again that the terrorists, who are roaming in the shadows of the people, and the aimless demonstrations on the streets and squares of various countries will not benefit the people of Tigray with their tongues and slogans.

How long will it take for the people of Tigray to cry and mislead their children? How long will it last? How long will it be possible for the region to produce a death-defying crop, not a beautiful crop? Why don’t they stop and think, the old men, the old men who taught history and history, the sad mothers and young people who remember their children who lost their lives for no purpose and come together to fight for freedom from this evil terrorist group?

It is easy to imagine what would happen to the next generation when the terrorist group’s actions, which we consider to be today’s events, become history. Weren’t their mothers? Your religious leader What did the scholars say? What did the elders decide? It must be believed that it is the duty of the people of Tigray to come to their senses today and thwart this terrorist group’s mission. Peace be upon you!

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