M / General Mohammed Tessema

′′ TPLF’s genocide is preparing to repeat the killing that was committed in Mekelle ′′ M / General Mohammed Tessema
Director General General Mohammed Tessema has said that TPLF’s armed forces is preparing to repeat the killing in Mekelle.The people of Tigray have stated that they are showing support to the army in every place they control.The team will do its action and they have advised that the defense and the Eritrea army is wearing uniforms.Major General Mohammed Tessema has said that TPLF’s extremist force is confusing the people to spread information about current issues.For Abinet and his team a few days ago ′′ we have demolished the 21th century in Raya, they have taken control of the power that came to Adwa ′′But on this day the military leaders have said that they have explained a lot to media and have been on air.This also has stated that it will prove the false propaganda of Juntaw.Instead of giving a press release to the group’s oppressors, they would have said ′′ we have released Demesse ′′ instead of giving a press release.The group leaders have stated that they are trying to make a war against the people of Tigray to make a war against the people.But the people of Tigray have expressed that the extremist team is only concerned.The people of Tigray are saying that they have been harassing the support that the army has been harassed by the military.All TPLF’s conspiracy is covering it; and now we have reached a new destructive plan, Major General Mohammed.It is reported that the killing committed on innocent people is preparing to repeat in Mekelle.The FDRE army and Eritrea army have prepared to do the killing of members in Almeda cloth factory.The team does this to the Ethiopian and Eritrean army, pretending to kill innocent people together is to get support from the international community.TPLF extremist group has reported that it is an indication that there is no sympathy for the people except power.Major General Mohammed has stated that the activities that the team does are giving up every time.They said that the army and the armed forces who were opposed to the Ethiopian people and the extremist team have also said that they have gone to Mekelle by losing their foreheads.The people of Mekelle have said that the people who live in the region of Tigray have made their faith that the people of Mekelle will be their brothers and sisters of Ethiopia.Soldiers who are fighting for the team have also called on the army to give their hands to the military near propaganda without being deceived.The Ethiopian people have thanked Major General Mohammed for supporting the law enforcement campaign.

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