Members of Tigray State Special Forces are fleeing into the Amhara region

Addis Ababa: The number of members of the Tigray Regional State’s Special Forces who are fleeing the conflict in the Amhara Regional State is increasing day by day.
Head of the Amhara Regional State Communication Bureau, Gizatchew Muluneh, told Addis Zemen Gazeta that the Tigray State Special Forces are fleeing the state of Tigray with all their weapons. Their numbers are growing.
More than 30 members of the Tigray Regional State Special Forces in North Gondar have recently entered the Amhara Regional State with full weapons, denying the destructive message of the Tigray Regional State, he said. Some of these indicated that they were children of residents of the region who had questions of identity and boundaries. He said the rest were from the Tigray region.
He said the state is accepting and caring for the guests who are fleeing from the Tigray State government.
He said the TPLF is currently recruiting a large number of youths and preparing for war. He said the people of Tigray believe that what the regional government is doing is wrong.
“We don’t want anyone to come through the Amhara region like this because we believe the issue should be resolved peacefully,” he said.
He said there is a long-standing question of identity and boundaries in the Amhara region, which is bordered by Tigray State. They also point out that there are activities such as the rush to fight in the border area.
“The Amhara region will not go to war. The people of Amhara and Tigray are two fraternal peoples. Obviously, they are married and have children.
There is no harassment in the Amhara region so far and it will not happen in the future, he said. What we are asking is the question of identity and boundaries, which is a public question. “This is a legal issue and we expect the federal government to take action in accordance with the law,” he said.

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