Minister of Defense Dr. Kenea Yadeta

′′ We will not tolerate what is destructing the country; no one can dare Ethiopia “… Minister of Defense Dr. Kenea Yadeta EPRDF’s Minister of Defense announced that we will not tolerate those who work to destroy Ethiopia. There is a farewell to the youth who came out of Addis Ababa to join the defense force. At this time, the defense minister Dr. Kenea Yadeta has thanked all Ethiopians, investors, and the city residents for their support. The terrorist TPLF team has remembered that the human rights violation has been creating conflict between each other by religion and ethnicity. And then they said he was attacked by the defense force.

The minister said that the team is working as a weapon for foreign forces who want to destroy Ethiopia said ′′ we won’t tolerate this no one can rape Ethiopia ′′ Ethiopians have announced that they don’t know any negotiation in their country, and they have announced that ′′ Ethiopians are tired of their unity and sovereignty ′′ The minister said ′′ We have accepted the city’s singers, they will return the singers with victory and respect the sovereignty of Ethiopia ′′

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