Mr. Mesfin Desalegn, the deputy chairman of Tigray

′′ The party is preparing to work with the government after the law enforcement campaign is over ′′Mr. Mesfin Desalegn, the deputy chairman of Tigray.

(EP D)Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) has announced that after the law enforcement campaign is preparing to return the peace and security of the Tigray region. The deputy chairman of the party Mr. Mesfin Desalegn has announced the interview with Addis Zemen, the government started in the Tigray region and the party has now transferred to the third or final chapter. This chapter will be the next work in the region and the security of the region. Standing beside him is ready to fulfill his responsibility. The government is taking action against the TPLF Junta team, they have announced that it will not come to an end.TDP has suggested that its work is going to be together with the party members and supporters, and yet they are preparing to do free work in the Tigray region. According to Mr. Mesfin, he is trying to make the people who are free from the control of the June, Ethio Telecom, Electric Power Service, Water, and other people’s institutions that are serving. Religious fathers, elders, country elders, women, feel like discussing and discussing the people that are working to continue. If the government institutions can’t enter into work like this, the people won’t return to the previous peace and many problems, the government will return to work as fast as possible. We also want to get out of work to be successful and successful by organizing our parties. Mr. Mesfin has said that the government is trying to put this destroyer Junta group under the law. The party called TPLF is enough to get rid of problems like this. So they have shown that it should not have cooperated.

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