Obang Meto, human rights activist

The terrorist TPLF has never had respect for human beings. Human rights activist Obang Meto says he is now embroiled in a war of attrition. They point out that the silence of the international community stems from a desire to feed each other.

According to Obang on current affairs, especially for the New Era, the terrorist TPLF has become a rat in many things, not what will happen to us tomorrow, but how to escape today. As a result, today’s tools have become the children.

The group has never respected humanity in the past. Now he has lost his conscience and is in the process of banning children. These kids don’t even know how to handle a gun; They have no language or training. He said that they were too strong for their strength and height to carry weapons.

Obang said the most difficult thing is to allow them to deal with the trained forces, adding that urgent action is needed to stop this inhumane act.

Obang pointed out that the silence of the international community stems from the desire to eat each other. The United States, its media, and other countries have used us in the past, and now they are working on the team’s shoulders. They do not want to come up with anything out of the ordinary. He said the Ethiopian solution is in the hands of Ethiopians and it is necessary to work together to eliminate the perpetrators.

“It’s not a matter of knowing or hearing human rights, we are enforcing it, we are beginners,” he said. They say they only benefit from the problem.

Because of their long association with the terrorist TPLF, they did not want to talk about the crimes they are committing against their generation. Instead, the main agenda is to pave the way for the group to be reborn. Recognizing this fact, Ethiopians must work together for national security and children’s freedom.

The children of Wahhat who went to war are human beings, not Wahhat or Tigre, and their abuse should not be ignored; Obang, who said everyone should condemn him, said banning children from the war was a human rights issue that needed more opposition than the TPLF’s conscience. A person’s self-esteem is measured by his or her abilities. Children are empowered to care, not to help others. He pointed out that they were burdened by the terrorist TPLF beyond their control.

Therefore, anyone who has a conscience and claims to be a human being should condemn this practice.

The children are not the children of one man, they are the children of Ethiopia. Moreover, they are human. Therefore, what is happening to them is more than words, it is not related to supporting or not supporting the terrorist TPLF, it is related to helping and not helping people, he said.

Resisting it should not be a matter of tomorrow. Because the group has no one to follow and support their cause, they cannot stop blocking them. He said the children need to be reached as soon as possible.

Obang said the group is fighting for the rights of the people of Tigray. He did not see the rights of children as the rights of Tigray. They point out that it does not seem to be a human right. He also said that the country should be held accountable not only for the rights of children but also for the loss of a successor.

According to Obang: Children do not fight with ordinary people. With an army of trained men. Obang said this is a big problem because the outside world is silent about gambling with our children. Because the terrorist TPLF is their weapon. They have nothing to do with us or with us. They say the game is for them. Their goal is to destroy Ethiopia as a tool of the group. That is why they support it to the best of their ability.

Many are worried that Ethiopia is a sovereign state and that it is trying to govern itself. They have increased their opposition because they have ruled the country for the past 27 years, despite being seemingly sovereign. If you can’t bring that back, there are many benefits. From pressure to support and when there is such a horrible thing, they do cover-ups to prevent them from gaining influence. That is what is still happening, ”he said.

If we want to be safe, we must do our part. No one can hear us screaming without leaving. They open the way for us to aggravate and benefit them. Therefore, without being overwhelmed by external pressures; Let’s still do our part and work together to find an Ethiopian solution, no matter why. He also called on us to stop being partisan and to support our country.

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