Observing the solar eclipse with empty eyes or unlicensed glasses can lead to blindness

Health experts warn that a solar eclipse may be linked to seeing the eclipse in Ethiopia, or eyeglasses that are not approved by medical professionals, could warn blindness.

At the Paul hospital, a vet-retina post-specialist doctor confirmed that for a New Year newspaper, trying to look at the sun without any protective or roadside eyeglasses could cause a blindness to the retina and cause a blink of an eye for a minute. He pointed out that it is a serious event that can deprive us of light

Even if the damage is mild, it can take up to 3 to 6 months to heal, and thus can lead to a permanent reduction of vision without returning to its original vision.

Sunglasses, sunglasses and other anti-reflective glasses reduce the intensity of light, but are less susceptible to the harmful effects of ultraviolet and red rays.

Therefore, the ISO and CE certifications that are designed to view solar eclipses share the professional advice that they should use only 99-100% of sunscreen and shade no 12.

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