Raya kobo woreda two high leaders have passed away.

The head of raya kobo woreda has announced that the head of peace and security office has been moving to fulfill the state of the state.

The head of the leader Mr. Asaye has been found today, as the two employee officials have been killed in the woreda 08 kebele, they are going to stop the wedding that was forbidden.

Mr. Seyoum Mesf and the woreda’s head of the district’s head of peace and security office Mr. Mengesha Mola on the road, Mr. Mengesha Mola has been killed by a lot of people who have been killed by a lot of people.

Today after evening, Raya Kobo Woreda 20 kilo distance 08-kilo meters away from 08 kebele special name arada, and the suspects who have committed the crime in a place called arada.

The zone and woreda security forces have announced that they are going to be held together to bring the criminals to justice.

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