Residents of the Amhara region have said that the big cities are still experiencing clashes and shootings.

Residents of the Amhara region have said that the big cities are still experiencing clashes and shootings.

Residents of Gondar, Bahar Dar and Debre Berhan pointed out that today there was an intra-city conflict and an exchange of fire.

A resident of the city of Gondar said to the Deutsche Welle radio station; “As per the fate of Gondar… the people have suffered a lot, mothers, children, there is no medicine, there is no time for treatment, even a doctor. This is very difficult. There is shooting here, cannons are fired, different weapons are fired. We have mattresses on the ground. “It’s not a situation where I’m going to leave,” he said.

“They are going down. They say they have reached the piazza, but this one is also going there! I am confused as to where they will meet. The situation is very, very difficult. It is difficult from both sides,” he added.

A resident of Bahir Dar also told AP; He pointed out that the sound of a warplane could be heard in the sky of the city; Another resident said that the situation in the city was getting worse and that heavy gunfire was heard.

Another resident who spoke to Dochevel said that military vehicles were seen moving in and around the city; He pointed out that heavy weapons were being thrown and innocent people were injured.

He added that there is only movement of people in the city, hotels, commercial establishments, small medical facilities, transport activities are closed.

A member of a Tikvah family who is a resident of Behar Dar; He pointed out that there had been continuous clashes in the city for hours. He explained that the clash was between Fano and the defense force.

“Heavy gunfire was heard in the city,” a member of our family said, “Mekod, 14 NOC Madaiya, Depo, Alkan, Keble 15 and 16 were the main conflict zones.”

An AP spoke to an official of Debre Berhan city, who asked to remain anonymous for his safety, said that the sound of gunshots was heard every minute in the city.

Regarding other cities of the Amhara region; A resident of the island who gave a word to Deutsche Welle said that the island is peaceful despite the activities of the city.

“There is no problem yet, we are working, there is money movement, there is transport, people are working, there is no problem,” he said.

A resident of Lalibela said that the city is stable, there is transport and bank. But they refused to say who the city is under.

Days have passed since the internet service was cut off in the Amhara region, and land and air transport services have also been cut off due to the ongoing conflict. Residents are reporting that people’s lives are being lost due to ongoing conflicts.