Residents said that they were threatened by crime in the city

The residents of Addis Ababa have announced that the people who were arrested in Addis Ababa are being killed by robbery and robbery in Addis Ababa, and the residents of Addis Ababa have been killed. The punishment of the Prime Minister’s law has been released by forgiveness and they have been arrested again, it will be difficult for them to be done before they finish.

Mr. Tesfaye Tsegaye has given a comment on the new era newspaper, since the crime has been released in prison, there are many crime and robbery crimes in the city. By Car, the government should take care of different robbery technicians, who are weak and women a day, said that there are many people who take property by deceiving property, and the government should take attention to the criminals like other issues. The bodies that are being robbed are always using new strategies every time they use new methods to admire them.

The residents of the city are not started now, Mr. Dejen is greater than them, but now especially the robbery has been released more than any time, especially the robbery has been released from any time.

As they expressed, the crimes that were banned from the city are being executed. Police should be strong and organized law and criminal protection. Therefore, the government should give attention to the residents of the city, so that they should not be bad.

The Federal Prime Minister has said that the forgiveness board office has been given priority because of Corinthians and virus, if they are released from prison, they will be forced to execute their punishment before they finish their punishment.

The head of the board office Mr. Zeleke Dallalo, especially as he spoke for Addis Ababa newspaper, the first level crime will not be equal to the punishment of the person who has done a crime. The punishment of a person who works a crime before this will be hard. If the stories that were released by coronation and viruses are being arrested again, they will be arrested again before they finish the prison.

If there was forgiveness for the people who were asked for forgiveness, especially for the people who were released in the new era newspaper, because these people are not able to say that they are not going back in the same act, because they are not going back in the same act. They said it wasn’t confirmed because they are not confirmed.

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