Saving Lake Tana critical to save monastic life, ensure water flow to GERD

Halting the spread of water hyacinth at Lake Tana is critical to ensure the survival of ancient island monasteries and continuous water flow to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in the long run, said Abathune Washelegn, Director of the Nile Basin Development Office and Integrated Development Care and Coordinator.

The government and concerned bodies need to give due attention to save the Lake from the damage, he said adding that the spread of water hyacinth would also harm other water bodies if due attention is not given to getting rid of it. In the long run, it would also significantly harm the continuous water flow to GERD.

Abathune Washelegn, who is also Natural Resource Expert and Member of the Committee to deal with water hyacinth at the Lake, said the spread of the weed is also threatening the very survival of the religious life and ancient island monitories at the lake.

“It is urgent; the concerned bodies have to join hands to take measures before it is too late.”

Moreover, as Lake Tana is one of the preferable tourism destinations in the country, it would also significantly harm the tourism industry, he added.

To rescue the Lake and the previous treasures in it, the federal and state governments, the Diaspora communities, professionals, and the society at large should relentlessly contribute to the effort. Today, Lake Tana is going under the weed colony. ‘A lot is also expected from academic and research institutions.”

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