Siimba Liives Long

Siimba Liives Long was born in New York, grew up in Addis Ababa, and then returned to Brooklyn. In 2015, Siimba dropped visuals for his single “Cocaine Bimbie,” returning to Ethiopia to shoot the visuals, in which he can be seen frolicking with wild lions and literally playing with fire.

As you can imagine, Siimba is not one to shy away from thought-provoking and insane visuals. Just a couple of months ago, he released the video for “Hooked,” in which he’s hanging from hooks piercing through his skin. An introspective song about all of his vices, “Hooked” also touches on his Ethiopian background: “My momma worked hard as an immigrant / just so I could be raised as a citizen.”

Just recently, Siimba dropped his latest video for “Bad for the Soul” featuring Kamau. Stay tuned for more coming out from the rapper, as he’s currently releasing music on a weekly basis.


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