Skat Nati

While Ethiopian rap had been a thing for a hot minute, this was the very first time we were introduced to a proper Amharic trap tune incorporating subtle, traditional melodies. Unsurprisingly, the song soon became an instant hit both in Ethiopia and among the diaspora worldwide, with the video gathering over 500,000 YouTube views in just a few months.

When Skat Nati surprise-dropped his new single “Sira” (which literally translates to “work”) accompanied by a video shot in an up-and-coming area of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, many were left wondering where he came from.

While “Sira” undoubtedly put him on the map, Skat Nati isn’t new to the game. He’s been releasing music since 2015, including tracks such as “Ahadu” and “Zeraf.” But if his latest track is any indication of what’s coming next from the young rapper, it may be safe to say that Skat Nati has a bright future ahead.

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