South Gondar Zone Agriculture Department says it is facing fertilizer shortage

South Gondar Zone Agriculture Department announced that it is facing a shortage of soil fertilizer. The regional agriculture bureau, for its part, said it has obtained 79 percent of the required amount.

Addis Gondar Zone Agriculture Department Head, Addis Tefera, told Addis Zemen. Farmers in the zone are complaining about the lack of fertilizer.

Due to the monsoon season, most of the woreda kebeles’ roads will be muddy during the winter, which has put a lot of pressure on them. It is July, he said, adding that the inputs have reached the farmers and prevented them from carrying out their harvest.

In particular, the supply of urea is low compared to previous years, he said. He said the problem has occurred in some woredas due to lack of supply.

According to Addis, DAP is supplied to the zone with 95 percent fertilizer and urea only 60 percent. As a result, a severe supply crisis has occurred in the zone.

Not only this, he said, adding that the roads are muddy as it is winter and it will be difficult to deliver the fertilizer to the kebeles without roads.

According to Musra Sisay, Deputy Director of Agricultural Inputs and Rural Finance at the Amhara Regional State Bureau of Agriculture; The zone received 79 percent of the required fertilizer. Winter has about 92,510 quintals; 35,893 quintals is urea. “Sometimes the lack of proper distribution leads to shortages,” she said, adding that she would work with zonal leaders to address the problem further.

He said 1.5 million quintals of fertilizer have not yet been imported into the state, adding that work is underway to resolve the problem with the Ministry of Agriculture.

It is planned to supply seven million 32,554 quintals of fertilizer this budget year and five million 463,939 quintals of fertilizer have been distributed in the state. This is 77.7 percent of the plan, he said.

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