The 40/60 home lucky administration has reported that they are having problems with their home.

18 thousand 576 house opportunities have made a deal with the city administration, even though they are not part of their house, they are still being exposed to the bad economic problem.

Complaint supplier of the second round 40/60 joint houses and winners from August 2011, 2011 Starting from Addis Ababa City administration has announced that they have started monthly payment with Addis Ababa City Administration. However, even if they have paid for ten months, they have already reported that the city administration has been giving them high economic pressure on their lives.

Mrs. Selamawit wabe said to the new era newspaper, last August, she will pay 3 thousand birrs from Addis Ababa City Administration. She also explained her life with a relative to an organized cost by paying his home debt. And she said that he had created her in her life.

Miss Selamawit, the administrator who is going to pay for the building of the house before the building of the house is not appropriate to pay the house without giving birth. If the deal has been given there, it has been difficult for the rich to make a double price, and there is no time for the rich. But more than anything, the city administration will pay a monthly payment, and the government says that they should release this problem immediately.

Mr. Adane Aweke has been paid for 3 thousand 500 and they are PAYING 4 thousand 500 birrs for their homes. Mr. Adane Aweke has confirmed that he is a great pressure to pay the house before he gets paid.

Mr. Adane, Mr. Adane, who took their houses that weren’t opened their walls, they say that they have been able to pay money and pay money from the work of his houses.

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