The authority has asked for two permissions to give two permissions.

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian communication authority has requested a press release to give two telecom permission today.

The Authority of the authority is leading the process according to the authority of the communication service proclamation, and it has announced that it is the main part of the Ethiopian Television sector.

In addition to the permission of ethio telecom, the government has been one of the government’s revenge agenda to create a country’s economic improvement in the competition.

In this way, the government’s main purpose has announced that it is more important to ensure that it is more important to improve the economic change and efficiency of the economy.

According to this, it has been reported that two national telecommunications services are given to two national telecommunications services that are able to provide two national telecommunications services.

Any interested company’s interest press release until June 23, 2020, was also invited to get in until 6 PM and announced that it is possible to find the details of the need description guide on the authority website (

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