The council said it would continue to strengthen the diplomatic victory achieved through the dam negotiations through public participation

Dr. Aregawi Berhe, Director General of the Public Participation Coordination Council for the construction of the Renaissance Dam

Addis Ababa – The Director-General of the Public Participation Coordination Council for the Construction of the Renaissance Dam, Dr. Aregawi Berhe, said the Security Council will continue to strengthen its support for the African Union.

According to Dr. Aregawi, especially for the New Age: Following the arrival of the Renaissance Dam negotiators in Africa, efforts are being made to enable the public to mobilize for the construction of the dam in an organized manner.

Extensive efforts are being made at home and abroad to organize the people and increase their contribution under the theme “Linking to the Renaissance Dam”. “Working together will bring results,” he said.

“We need to work hard to increase the participation of the people in all sectors to sustain the current diplomatic victory,” he said. He said efforts are underway to mobilize Ethiopians at home and abroad to continue their support until the completion of the dam.

Dr. Aregawi said the support will be implemented not only financially but also in the field of knowledge, diplomacy, and all other sectors, adding that it is necessary to work with countries that are under pressure to build the dam.

He said Egypt and Sudan will work to curb the spread of false information and find a solution to the real Ethiopian question. He said it is a good thing that African Union member states have their own problems and can work together to solve the problems of Africans.

The return of the Renaissance Dam negotiations to the African Union indicates that Africans must solve their problems. He said the decision by African Union member states opened the door to see Ethiopia’s real problem as their own.

According to Dr. Aregawi: The coming of the Grand Renaissance Dam negotiations to the African Union is a great achievement for Ethiopia. He said the African Union is aware of Ethiopia’s problems and real demands.

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