The cycle of war remnant yemenik’eli campaign!

No one can be more a witness to the cost of unjust wars and conflicts than Ethiopians. At one time or another, the country has lost a large number of its citizens in a senseless civil war and conflict and has been forced to deal with social and economic realities.

As a result of unnecessary civil wars, the country has descended from its heights and is living a life of poverty, misery, and begging. At all times, her efforts to get out of this national crisis have been interrupted by meaningless similar wars.

As a result of this vicious circle, they see war as a national game; Those who consider it a great adventure, To make it profitable, individuals and groups dressed in jerseys filled the square. Attempts to shape this generation in the same spirit by socializing it have also put the issue at stake.

No matter how familiar the war may be, No matter how much you may be a military expert, if you do not have a high human goal, you will be betrayed by the precious life of human beings; By killing: It is also a deadly social curse. It is an act of wickedness that is sown in rebellion and bloodshed. There is more to it than just embellishing the narrative of the winner and loser.

He overcomes the winner in the spirit of victory; He bows down to the loser and makes him a watchman. There is no forgiveness in this community. Improper wars are the result of other similar wars.

A society without such a victorious narrative will never be able to get out of the vicious circle. Unless it is a matter of time, the arrogance that creates the impetus for victory is in itself a source of failure and is a natural resource for the next war and the creation of a similar war is a natural process.

Even if we look at the country’s recent history of war, the fact that the terrorist TPLF came to power victorious in the desert did not in itself bring forgiveness to the social problems that the people of Tigray have sided with since the beginning of the struggle. On the contrary, the victory caused by the victory became a national problem in itself and the main reason for the team’s downfall.

Tragically, the team was a military expert who was the winning force in the struggle; Or he may not have realized that it was his ability to wage war, not his ability to wage war, but his commitment to the people and the people. Instead, the victory is a celebration of pride and resentment; It builds the image of a group and individuals and suppresses voices calling for social justice.

Although the square’s behavior and its recorded decline may provide an opportunity to learn enough for its next political journey; He still did not understand the victory during the armed struggle; To continue the narrative of the victory spirit created by the previous victory and endanger himself and the people of Tigray.

This terrorist organization, which does not learn from its mistakes, is on the path of defeat and is on its way to continue its narrative of victory. While any victory in the desert struggle can bring a true spirit of victory, it does not bring about social justice. Otherwise, the spirit of victory is unnatural and unrealistic. It will not be the strength and energy for the next struggle. It is nothing more than input for dry propaganda.

The group’s efforts to build an unprecedented win-win situation in Tigray’s elders, children, and women in conflict zones are ineffective, apart from the psychological damage it could cause in the community. It is the end of wickedness and selfishness.

The terrorist group has taken the opportunity given to it by the government at various times to go to terrorism, which will lead to a major psychological crisis. In a crisis, the people of Tigray are in a state of social, political, and economic turmoil.

To get out of the vicious circle of war and the immeasurable price we are paying, we must practice and practice the narrative of the victory of the people and the country. A brother can never be justified in killing his brother. This is not Ethiopian ethics.

To move from individual and group adventures to a way of thinking that will make the country victorious and victorious, we need to reconcile ourselves with a true identity that is free from self-denial and narcissism.

It is believed that the next campaign to sustain the country and the state will unleash the country’s whirlwinds and renew the national mindset. That is why every Ethiopian is striving to win a country that is better than victory and defeat.

Overall, the campaign not only removed the terrorist group from the psychological crisis of war and the narrative of war but also created the conditions for the success of the prosperity journey we have embarked on once and for all!

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