“The Ministry of Education has reversed its decision” – Ethiopian Teachers Association

“The Ministry of Education has reversed its decision” – Ethiopian Teachers Association

• “It is a decision made after thinking about it, weighing the losses and profits and believing that it is better to do the best” – Ministry of Education

The Ethiopian Teachers’ Association asked the Ministry of Education to reconsider its decision not to issue the 2015 summer school schedule.

In the letter sent to the Ministry of Education, the association noted that it was concerned that the Ministry of Education announced that winter training for teachers and education leaders would not be offered in 2015 without compensating for the pressure that the Covid-19 epidemic and war had on the winter training schedule.

The association stressed that the prohibition of the ministry will continue to cause problems and will be a source of lack of good governance.

He requested that the circular sent to all universities in July 2015 be reconsidered as it would not be appropriate to terminate the training without establishing an operating system.

In the circular sent to the institutions, the Ministry of Education has indicated that it is working to adjust the academic calendar, which has been spread over the past years due to various reasons, from 2016 onwards.

The president of the Addis Ababa Teachers’ Association, Denglam Tolosa, told the reporter that the minister did not give any prior warning to the association or the teachers before writing the letter.

It is said that among the teachers whose studies were interrupted, those who were supposed to finish this year, who only had dissertation left, and who were supposed to be promoted in the institutions where they were working, but could not do so because of the minister’s letter.

The Minister of Education, Deta Samuel Kfle (Dr.) said, “It is not possible to create a teacher after teaching in one month. On one side, the quality of education is called, on the other hand, it is said that a degree was learned in one month. This does not go together, so it must be corrected.”

Dr. Samuel; He stated that since the Ministry of Education is going with its own plan, it is a decision that has been made after weighing the losses and gains and believing that it is better to do the best.