The Muslim people are asked to pass the holiday table.

it has been said that Ramadan holiday should be a holiday of support, support, support, support and togetherness.

Mr. Abdi Kemal, who has been working on the new city of Addis Ababa, Mr. Abdi Kemal, who has been working on the new year’s holiday and the coming Ramadan Holiday, according to his religion, according to his religion, he has been able to help them with his faith. And every Muslim has a duty to do this.

If Mr. Abdi says, one is eating the other, one is enjoying the other, there is no holiday that is being respected, therefore all salary or others are getting tired of the poor, giving the weak and the other to respect the neighbors who have the ability to celebrate the end of the day. It’s expected to spend the holiday.

As Mr. Abdi says, many Muslims will eat the blood again. Some also need what they have been killed. No matter what, it is the act of the religion that I write hands to the poor during eid holiday. This time, everyone who gives thanks to his God, asking for support, support, and support people who support his family, support, and support his people in peace, love, and happiness.

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