The people of Tigray have been called to benefit the journey of prosperity.

Addis Ababa: the people of Tigray have been called to keep their own power. It has been asked that TPLF is going to be in the region’s election, because it is illegal and the rules of the country are asked to stop the action immediately.

Tigray Native Addis Ababa prosperity party leaders of Addis Ababa, the party structure of Addis Ababa, the party structure of Addis Ababa, 19, election leadership and law options yesterday, a common position of the people of Tigray will be useful to the people of Tigray. They have offered a call for the people of Tigray.

′′ we are in different places of tplf, the former tplf members of tplf, to move with prosperity party and to make the journey of Ethiopia’s prosperity, our party has been used to use all our people especially in the past years, especially in the past years. Can do it

If we have a strong heart, it is because of a strong heart, the people of tigray have paid a price for their freedom and freedom, they are a great people who want to live together with Ethiopian brothers and sisters. The struggle is a great people who want to kill their own personal power. The principle has shown that he is making a sense of appearance with other brothers and sisters.

The Press Release of the people of tigray has announced that one and the main federalism system is to make Ethiopia true, but a few of the groups with a few equal purpose is ′′ prosperity is a unitary system “! However, prosperity has announced that it is not a party that works to strengthen the relationship of the people, but it is not a party that works to walk in the name of federalism.

Tplf has still expressed that the people of Tigray have continued their former conspiracy instead of making the use of change. At this time, the community and government have shown that the community and virus are increasing the number of the government, and the virus has shown that ′′ if there is no election, it has shown that there is no security for the people.

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