The people should be dejen for the defense force – residents of Wolayta zone

It has been said that the defense force that is celebrating the Ethiopian border on July 14, 2013 (EZA) is also the people’s defense force. In the Wolayta zone, the military has expressed their happiness in support and the second round of the renaissance dam. Residents and different stakeholders who are gathered in sel-woreda have expressed their happiness. Wolayita zone chief administrator Dr. Endrias has given thanks to the protesters. ′′ We Ethiopians can’t make history by making history and then after Adwa, the great renaissance dam of this generation will be destroyed beyond our country.

The people of the zone have said that it is part of the country’s peace and development that is determined to cover the conspiracy of the Amharic people and will stand beside the country anytime. FBC reported that the protesters have heard that the slogan should be removed from Tigray children’s shoulders. The demonstrators have stated that TPLF is carrying weapons and books that they have been counted with pen and letter that they believe that TPLF is a trustworthy citizen of the country.

The second round of the great renaissance dam is a symbol of patriotism and foreign forces who are suffering from pride and smoke. The unity and unity that was seen in the Nile Dam has said that we will continue our prosperity by repeating the list of Awudami.

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