The recruitment of the terrorist TPLF and the silence of the international community

The TPLF is abducting children from their mothers and sending them to the battlefield. It’s hard to even get angry at them. It must be surprising.

However, the main thing is not the TPLF’s shameless aggression, but the moral standard in our hands. It is our duty to respect and uphold human rights; It is the silence of the Western media and international organizations that claim that children will wake up. This shocking and shocking silence has surprised every Ethiopian since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Let’s start with the institutions. If we say how many statements these institutions have made so far on events in the Tigray region, the answer is innumerable. Office: EU UN agencies and other agencies report on famine in Tigray; The death of the innocent; Rape: Most of the statements they make are not based on facts on the ground and are based on the needs of one party. The government has repeatedly expressed concern that the reports of these institutions are politically motivated. The United States Government EU Britain: Amnesty International The United Nations and others have not yet commented on the matter. Perhaps they were upset that the photo was leaked instead of being in the children’s tents. Institutions raise doubts about neutrality and high morals.

What about the media? The media is more courageous than the institutions, praising the children’s military. The New York Times praised the children as “motivated young recruits,” and the Associated Press asked a 16-year-old soldier to explain why she wanted to go to war. Even though the journalist who made the report is available in Mekelle, is it right for you to act like the Junta leaders who are recruiting children for war? Or does it not violate international law? The Associated Press, however, unwittingly denied the allegations. The journalist asked Afla that she had registered because her friends had registered, which means that she did not know the purpose of the war she was involved in and that she had been influenced by peer pressure. told me I was too young. But because I saw my comrades come, I came here to fight along with them. Of course, I came to fight but they said you were a boy. But now that I see my friends coming, I have come to fight with them. ” The fact that Afla, who was declared a child eight months ago, has now been registered with her friends indicates that the TPLF’s capacity is declining and that Junta is now determined to fight infantry and infestation, including infants and the elderly.

The BBC Amharic, which claims to have verified the photo’s authenticity, did not dare to speak to the TPLF on the issue.

In fact, it is not uncommon for international organizations and their media to remain silent. The New York Times later reported that he had been humiliated, but he intended to declare Junta “heroic.” In any case, this is not new to Ethiopians. It is not appropriate to use innocent people in war zones as a pretext for war, but they have tried to make it appear as a manifestation of love for the people. If it does not already have a principle, we will thank him for revealing his true identity in the silence of the institutions and the media, because it allows us to reconsider our relationship with these institutions and the media.

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