The TPLF that gambles on the next generation of Tigray.

The terrorist TPLF continues to be shocking and embarrassing. The TPLF, which is working to improve its own record by committing new atrocities, has now added a new record of corruption. Even the brutal Junta went to the battlefield and gathered children who had not even seen a war movie and sent them to the battlefield. Junta’s spokesman, Getachew Reda, described the group of children he sent to Raya as “a” army “carrying out the campaign we have named in the name of the mothers of Tigray. He told VOA that he praised the mothers of Tigray in this way because they had willingly and forcibly sacrificed these babies. Fortunately, it was good for the Ethiopian Defense Forces to stop their current campaign in the Tigray region, but it was a very sinful act.

It’s amazing. Because all of this is done to keep the older ones in power. Junta has chosen to slaughter a bull for the disease of a chicken. A farmer who kills an ox to keep the chickens healthy is foolish or insane. The TPLF is like that. The TPLF, who are nearing the end of their lives and whose graves are close, are determined to sacrifice their children for Tigray and Ethiopia, who will end up with a cold or headache tomorrow. It’s a tragedy.

It is common for the TPLF generation to remain in power. The first generation was involved in the struggle. According to them, 60,000 people were killed during that struggle. The result of all that struggle was the transfer of some TPLF officials to millionaires. Whenever May 20, the rest of the fighter was pushed out in a wheelchair and ordered to celebrate. If Leah survived. The young man, whose whereabouts are unknown, is left with only a photo of his mother crying.

The one-generation TPLF did not hesitate to repeat a second. The October 24, 2013 attack on the Northern Command has claimed the lives of an unknown number of Tigrayan youths. The massacre has not yet been announced. The mothers of Tigray have not yet received a condolence break. But we should not be surprised at this. Because the junta is determined to surprise us even more, and now it has appeared in a new way. The new way of life is to borrow money from the next generation and keep fighting. The old TPLF people did not borrow money from future generations. It’s not an idea. It is life. It is hope. It is a purpose.

Now the next generation of Tigray is at war because of the junta. He is trying to fight. If he survives, he will not be happy. The Junta leaders, who dropped out of school in the ’60s and returned to the desert, gained power and wealth. Many took over crushed Tigray by wheelchair. The present generation dropped out of school and went to war. If he is lucky enough to return from the war, he will get Tigray, not power, again. His life is wasted. The purpose has been taken away.

Tigray teenager under the leadership of Negetachew Reda Graduation: Employment: Marriage: To give birth: Building a house is not the goal. Because the purpose was snatched away by the Junta leadership. Put your pen down and pick up your gun. The greatest hope for the future is to survive this war. If immortality is the ultimate goal of your life, then you are in big trouble. It is in this sense that the junta has included the youth of Tigray.

Let’s move forward a little and imagine what will happen. Let’s imagine that 10 years later, this young man who lost his life in the war was in his 30s and wandering the streets of Mekelle aimlessly. He spent most of his schooling on the battlefield. It does not work to prevent the marriage. The only option is to push through the military. Can a state make a whole generation of soldiers? It’s hard. But this is the way it is going.

What if he left the military and returned to normal life? This is difficult. This is science. No, even these underage children who have been properly trained at the right age will have a hard time integrating when they return from military life to civilian life. This is common in the civilized world. For example, in the United States, research shows that at least a quarter of those who have returned from campaigning in Afghanistan and Iraq find it difficult to integrate. Keep in mind that this is happening in the United States, which is rich and rich in caring for its soldiers. A 2011 study by the Pew Research Center found that soldiers who did not have a good education and saw a lot of horrors on the battlefield were particularly difficult to integrate into society. In the study, most of the soldiers who were struggling to integrate into society were uneducated and suffered a lot on the battlefield. This is an indication that if the children who are currently being held hostage in Tigray return to their homes tomorrow, they will have a greater chance of being reunited with the people who sent them to Tormeda today, either willingly or unwillingly. Many return psychologically, even if they return in person. In short, the TPLF’s negative legacy will continue in the future.

The TPLF is now a terrorist group. Many terrorist groups serve as models for banning children from war. One of these is the Uganda Resistance Army Army. The group, like Junta, is based in northern Uganda and has used up to 25,000 children in the military to overthrow Uganda’s central government. According to some studies cited by Amnesty International, this includes Uganda and South Sudan; In the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic, 90 percent of the troops were children. The group is now known as a terrorist group and its leaders are wanted by the International Court of Justice.

When it comes to the TPLF, the opposite is true. The Lord Resistance Army, a terrorist organization that seeks to sue leaders, has encouraged Junta. A good example of this is the New York Times report. The newspaper used a photo of children armed with rifles to denounce the children as “highly motivated young recruits”. Extremist liberal media outlets, such as the New York Times, often shout at children who are fetching water for their families or raising cattle, but why should armed children be praised for being “motivated”? why? Their intentions can be many. The point is, Westerners only raise the issue of human rights and the rights of children only when it is in their best interests.

The West is now a major supporter of Junta. He won the battle and was defeated, Tigray youth dead or not; They don’t care if the next generation uses any technique as long as it prolongs the war and weakens Ethiopia. According to reports, if the FDRE forces leave in silence, “the largest Ethiopian army in Africa will be defeated by guerrilla fighters.” If the army responds and destroys, they accuse it of “killing innocent people.” Their strategy is to appeal to the dead and the killer.

Many do not think that children have been used in the military unless they have seen a child with a weapon. But UNICEF BiyaAs I pointed out, children are not just used in the military. On guard: Inferior people give birth to inferior offspring and, thus, propagate their inferiority. They can be used as spies, etc. If they are girls, they are more than just fighters and messengers; They can also be used for cleanliness and sexual slavery. In light of this, there are indications that the TPLF has used children in many ways for the military.

Images from Tigray show that Junta leaders have used winter weapons against innocent people, including children. This is the use of children in the military. Now, photos released by Junta’s agenda vendors, such as the New York Times, show that Junta leaders are recruiting under the age of 18 to fight the trained and organized FDRE Defense Forces under international law. But none of those in the international community who claim to be human rights activists can blame Junta for his crimes. Because he is fulfilling their desires.

Ethiopia, meanwhile, said it was ashamed of the international community’s silence. The Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, announced in a statement issued on the occasion. “Junta is driving children and young people into drugs and going to war. “The army has a duty to rescue these child soldiers,” he said, referring to the international community’s shameful silence on the issue. “The international community has forgotten about talking about aid and famine, and has chosen to remain silent even when it deploys children.” He said the government will consider all these factors.

Of course, the Junta leaders are not bothered by criticism. This is because it is a common historical junta culture. Because both Junta leaders’ children are not here. The poor man still dies. To get this poor boy into the dungeon, he was exposed to as much discouragement and hatred as possible, either by this propaganda or by coercion. The Junta has now pushed the next generation of Tigray for its temporary purpose, more than yesterday and today. It is up to the people of Tigray to fight for the future. Beyond that, the survival of the nation is the responsibility of all Ethiopians.

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