Tigray regional government warn mainstream media that creates fake news

? one character we understood from tplf, tplf is some groups :: Tplf is not with the people :: maybe some people are with tplf. Some people are also looking at a few people around mekelle city and around it. When we go to Adwa and axum, the people are sad to tell the truth ::

? the people of tigray are number one, at this time, they

are people who don’t even have shoes for their feet :: they are a people who can’t even wear clothes at this time ::

? this also shows that some tplf leaders and members have their own money and their country.:

? the people of tigray are still going back in the economy :: the economic problem is the people who are trying to get it from food to clothes ::

? but some tplf members and tplf will live a life that has been killed by tplf.

? a few tplf leaders and they are used to use them but if they couldn’t be able to be far away from the people :: they enjoy it with big hotels :: but the people are still in stress ::

? and I have seen all Tigray, I have seen that all Tigrayshould be a member of TPLF. I have confirmed that it is a picture of TPLF mischief.

? the partnership we have with TPLF COLLECTION IS FINANCE:: when we go to mekele, hotel, and other important costs have been covered by all parties, hall rent, transport, hotel, food, and other costs.

? even if we have a protest or protest with the government party, we are one of our renaissance dams and project, we are one of our issues and project.

? when we all talk about the renaissance dam, TPLF doesn’t care about us but the government doesn’t care about us.

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