TPLF has shown its cruelty beyond the darkness to war against children – Parliament of children

TPLF has shown its cruelty beyond the darkness to war against children – Parliament of children
Gedeo Zone members of Gedeo said that TPLF has forced children to fight in the war on July 14/2013 (EZA) children’s parliament has shown that tomorrow is cruel to no one.
′′ The parliament members have announced that they have passed the action in silence rather than humanity ′′
Among those who gave their comments to EZA, the Zone Children’s Parliament speaker Muluken Mitiku, the terrorist TPLF’s terrorist group has shown that they have released a lot of pictures that show weapons to war.
′′ It is a shame that international institutions that work on human rights and children are officially condemning the issue ′′
′′ If the organization works for children’s safety, the case should have been worried ′′ said the speaker should have been ′′ and they have not seen it, it shows that TPLF’s faulty actions are in hell ′′
It has been said that the children have participated in the war, instead of darkening their vision tomorrow, it will lead them to psychology, physical, and death.
The campaign started on social media to expose the terrorist group should continue strongly.
′′ While we are following our school, it is sad to see Tigrian children and youth in war field ′′ and the Gedeo zone children’s parliament deputy speaker is Kassa.
′′ TPLF is showing again that it is cruel to anyone by sending children to the bright future of their children ′′
It is very saddening that the body that is concerned and rescued for the children is lost.
′′ We Ethiopians should show our support to children by exposing TPLF’s evil deeds ′′
Part of the parliament member Chernet Bogale said ′′ TPLF has passed away in silence when they put TPLF’s children to war ′′
Especially the institution has called for the silence to stop their silence than humanity.

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