Until they serve the abay (Nile) river and the great renaissance dam from politics!

Since the great renaissance dam started, it has been a great deal that the Egyptian political development and Cairo Palace has been a long time for the people of Egypt and Ethiopians who have been preaching about Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

This reality is being built in the country’s education, the future generation has been built in the country’s education system, the future generation has been built in a way to be a victim of the beginning.

The fact that our generation has made the truth that has been in the wrong way of the two countries in the two countries, the people of the country have made them better than thinking about their own people.

It was an experience to solve this historical problem in one time to strengthen the people’s relationships in the history of the country.

This new relationship chapter is not too much for memory of the people of the country. There was a hope that things are near, and an event that says things are near.

This historical event that has been given to the struggle of Egypt’s change forces in the struggle of Egypt, this historical event was a great way to break the spirit of change in the country.

Our Egyptian brothers have created a historical opportunity to change the hope of change in the roads of Addis Ababa. Of course, it seems that the spirit of change was not able to cross historical flesh.

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