What is the question raised in Gamo area?

What is the question raised in Gamo area?

After the new 12th region of the federation “Southern Ethiopia” officially took over from the existing region, it is understood that there are complaints related to the structure among various parties in the Gamo area.

What is the question?

The new organization does not answer the question that people have been raising; The government is ignoring the demand for the formation of “Gamo Regional Government” and is implementing the cluster organization.

A member of Tikvah Ethiopia who is a resident of Arba Mojang city, in his message regarding the recent situation; At first, it was the question of regional autonomy; But he said that the cluster organization is being implemented without getting a proper response to that question.

Despite the regional question, it was previously said that the seat of the new regional administration would be ‘Arba Moshan’, but now this has not happened and this has caused a lot of complaints that it is a political deception.

“The question that is being asked now is whether Gamo should be an independent region. Those who support the idea are protesting peacefully in different ways,” he said.

In relation to the issue in the ‘Gamo Zone’, the “Gamo Democratic Party” proposed to hold a protest march yesterday, August 4, but it was not held due to the ban.

The party The protest was called for the government to reverse the people’s request to establish the Gamo National Regional Government and stop the unconstitutional activities it is doing to establish the cluster region and reconsider the decision.

Regarding the establishment of the Gamo regional government in the rally, it was planned to convey messages such as “Gamo is our forty source center; Gamo is a region and not a cluster”.

However, the security command post of the zone informed the party in a letter that the peaceful demonstration was not allowed for the sake of public peace and security, so the demonstration was not held.

The party stated that the government is trying to suppress questions related to the recent situation and has also arrested its members.

What does the zone manager say about the new region?

The chief administrator of the zone, Mr. Birhanu Zewde, had a discussion with the residents of Arba Moyong a few days ago.

Meanwhile, the new region is being organized in a manner that ensures the social, political and economic benefit of the people of the zone since its establishment, he said.

“What is given to us is not commensurate with our needs,” Ato Birhanu said.

Ato Birhanu, who explained that huge institutions with many clients, including the legislature of the region, have made their headquarters in Arbaminca city, said that the institutions will increase the development capacity and economic benefits of the area.

They called on the residents of the zone to make arrangements to receive the offices assigned to the forty-fourth city.

Tikvah Ethiopia today received the information from Gamo Zone that today the Zone Council is consulting on the “Draft Constitution” of the new region. It was also learned that discussions were held at the city and district level.