which were going to cross illegally from Tigray to Eritrea, were arrested.


From May to July / 2015, contraband goods worth more than 4 million birr, which were going to cross illegally from Tigray to Eritrea, were arrested.

A member of the Tikvah Mekele family went to “Gulomekhada district” to ask the concerned parties about the situation in the border area.

Gulomekhada District Administrator Mr. Haftom Barakhi gave an interview to the Tikvah Mekele family; “The contraband was caught with the help of the active participation of the public,” he said.

Mr. Haftom; He stated that since the vast area of Gulomekhada district of Tigray Ethiopia borders Eritrea and the checkpoint in Zalaanbesa city was destroyed due to the war, various goods are being smuggled to Eritrea.

“The six kebeles of the district, including Zalaambesa, are under the control of the #Eritrean_Government,” said Ato Haftom; At the same time, he explained to Tikvah that due to the fact that the people are the owners of illegal activities to be controlled and stopped, they are getting excellent results.

Kidu G/Tsadkan, the head of the security affairs of the zone, who gave his word to Tikvah; He said that from May to July 2015, 4 million birr worth of basic goods and industrial equipment were seized for illegal smuggling to Eritrea.

– tiff,
– Fino powder,
– coffee,
– cooking oil,
– fuel,
– mobile phones,
– Gesho,
– pepper,
– furniture,
– modern fertilizer,
– cement,
– They stated that Tendinona is a roofing sheet.

Ato Kidu mentioned that Gulomehedana and Irobe are districts of the eastern zone bordering Eritrea; He stated that the places called Bezet Damo, Fatsi Zalaambasa, Sebeya, Deuhan Aiga are the main routes of illegal smuggling.

The head of security; He pointed out that the role of the people in cooperation with the security agencies in controlling illegally smuggled assets is important.

A member of the Tikvah family went to the place and the local officials:
– How the smuggling is being done
– About the areas under the power of Eritrea
– Trafficking of illegal people in the area
– About metals that fell due to war
– He will continue to deliver on your promises about the joint work being done with the National Defense Force to prevent smuggling.