Youths have announced that they have decided to join the struggle of survival Kombolcha

Youths have announced that they have decided to join the struggle of survival Kombolcha / Dessie / Metema, July 19/2013 (EZA) announced that they have decided to go to the forefront in Kombolcha, Dessie cities, and west Gondar zone. The youth have said that the terrorist group of TPLF is determined to destroy Ethiopia. Among the youth, the people of Kombolcha, Yonas Abebaw have said that TPLF will come out to support Ethiopia by working with other youths. The government has also accepted the invitation of his father’s heroism and decided to repeat the history of his fathers.

Young Yonas, the pintaw has sent a message to continue the support and struggle that started until we get back to our previous peace. In Dessie, the last time we will bury the terrorist group in the sub-city of Dessie. The terrorist group has announced that it is ready to destroy Ethiopia by fighting with our enemies and it is ready to move forward. When we go to the front, our brothers and sisters in the city should watch the city’s peace, wealth, and marriage. In the same way in the west Gondar zone, the youth of hunter’s country chako woreda are ready to go to the front.

As the youth of Ashagre Bahir said, the government is ready for the existence of the youth of Bahir city. The program has said that our forefathers have kept us in blood and bones to give our blood and bones to our children. The other youth said that the government has registered to take military training by accepting the call of the government. Every youth has expressed that to destroy the country and to destroy the terrorist group and to destroy it. According to the terrorist group, Ethiopia should not be destroyed but rather live with its children’s shame and respect.

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